Spiritual Coaching

Are you looking for some Spiritual Guidance, Coaching or Counseling in your life?

There are many reasons to support yourself or your group with Spiritual Coaching. At times, we are faced with overwhelming challenges in life that bowl us over, or as we get older we can feel an emptiness inside that feels lonely or unfulfilled. For many people there is a lost-ness, an anxiety or a frustration that is hard to pin down. Many people settle for less, can become apathetic or even go to the dark side with addictions to try and fill this void. We try and distract ourselves enough that we never have to sit with the emptiness. Busyness can become an escape from the banality of everyday drudgery. We can move in and out of negativity sometimes spiraling into unhappiness at the least and dark depression and suicidal thoughts at the worst.
The Good News
The good news is that there is a pathway back into connection. A way to find meaning with life’s brokenness and possibly your own shame and guilt as a human being. This is the Spiritual journey as defined as an inner exploration taking you into yourself. It has many layers and aspects to it often starting with the awareness that your life isn’t working right now the way you intuitively know it could be. Learning to befriend yourself sounds easy but spending time and sitting with your thoughts, emotions and feelings can be quite daunting. That is why it is so important to have a guide, someone who can help you to lean into your self and make this “road less traveled”.
Whatever you belief system this is a grace journey in the sense that even though we may feel broken, numb or dispiriting we are never alone. There is a power in the Universe that comes under many traditional names like God / Goddess, Allah, Buddha and many new ones like Higher Power, Divine Mystery, Oneness. This power is always present, always co-creating opportunities in the darkness for us to take this journey home and let the light of illumination enter our consciousness.
Darkness into Light
With darkness comes an opportunity to go deeper into yourself. At some point or every so often we will “break through” and awaken to our true nature. This True nature or Authentic Self is alive within us and is connected to everyone and everything. It is a state of presence, connection and love that arises as a backdrop to your everyday life. Imagine being so held in this state of presence and love that no matter what is happening in your everyday life around you – you feel rooted and grounded. Experiences come and go, emotions and thoughts surround us but underneath it all is a sense of peacefulness, presence and well-being. And that is only the beginning….
What Next?
I offer a program of 1-1 or group sessions where I can help you to reflect and explore where you are on your life and Spiritual journey. During a session we can explore your beliefs and how they are changing and impacting on your everyday life or vice versa. We can talk about your spiritual path, the steps and stages of growth as well as help to deepen the process of your spiritual living. The Spiritual Coaching I offer is inter-spiritual and open to anyone searching or looking to deepen their relationship with the Oneness, God / Goddess, The Divine Mystery.
John is an associate member of AISGA (All-Ireland Spiritual Guidance Association)
and a full member of SDI (Spiritual Directors International)
He is currently training as a OneSpirit Interfaith Minister


"Stop looking for answers

hold instead to the question

in your heart.

The question taken inwards

unfolds into a stairway

that guides you down

into the centre of your soul

where the wonder,


and grace of the unknowing

light a candle

in the darkness.

Where majesty and mundane

can exchange notes

that only a silent listener

can hear."

(c)2008 John F. Doherty


1-1 sessions take place on Skype

Call me on 0866040988 to find out more or book a session.

"My group - The Open Door Centre for Spirituality - in Melbourne Australia, has enjoyed professional, caring, informative interaction with John Doherty for a number of years now. The great percentage has been on Skype - accommodating the time gaps between northern and southern hemispheres. We count ourselves lucky to have access to such great formation and excellent supervision. Thanks John"

Joan Howard - John of God Sisters @ The Open Door Spirituality Centre