1-1 Spiritual Direction

Are you looking for some Spiritual Guidance, Accompaniment or Direction in your life?

I offer 1-1 hourly sessions where I can help you to reflect and explore where you are on your Spiritual journey.

During a session we can explore your beliefs and how they are changing and impacting on your everyday life or vice versa.

We can talk about your spiritual path, the steps and stages of growth as well as help to deepen the process of your spiritual living.

The Spiritual Guidance I offer is inter-spiritual and open to anyone searching

or looking to deepen their relationship with the Transcendent part of the s/Self.

John is an associate member of AISGA (All-Ireland Spiritual Guidance Association)

and a full member of SDI (Spiritual Directors International).



"Stop looking for answers

hold instead to the question

in your heart.

The question taken inwards

unfolds into a stairway

that guides you down

into the centre of your soul

where the wonder,


and grace of the unknowing

light a candle

in the darkness.

Where majesty and mundane

can exchange notes

that only a silent listener

can hear."

(c)2008 John F. Doherty



1-1 sessions take place in Dublin City Centre and Wicklow Town

Call me on 0866040988 to find out more or book a session.

These sessions are now available on SKYPE where possible if travel is a problem.

"My group - The Open Door Centre for Spirituality - in Melbourne Australia, has enjoyed professional, caring, informative interaction with John Doherty for a number of years now. The great percentage has been on Skype - accommodating the time gaps between northern and southern hemispheres. We count ourselves lucky to have access to such great formation and excellent supervision. Thanks John"

Joan Howard - John of God Sisters @ The Open Door Spirituality Centre