Profile of Personal / Spiritual Development Work

The Salesians Ireland 2011-ongoing

John  has been working with the Salesians since 2011, the Salesians have been in Ireland since 1919 and they work with young people through a number of services and centres throughout the country.

Click here for more information on John’s participation and the Salesians











Annual Beehive Summer Mindfulness Retreat

This is a retreat with some workshop elements that is based in the beautiful grounds of the Bobbio retreat centre in Maheramore Co. Wicklow right beside the sea. All the food is vegetarian and cooked to work on and energise the major organs in the body. The day will be a mixture of mindfulness, meditation, silence in the mornings, walks, rest, some spiritual films, healthy food, ritual, and movement.

John is a great communicator. He is fun, insightful and becomes part of the group. That’s why it all works so well.” Patrick

“I loved this retreat, it was such a gift to myself after a hectic year. It was so nice to unwind and chill-out, the food was amazing and the whole place so supportive” Debbie



Positive Living Network:  John Doherty on “Awakening With Awareness”

Awareness isn’t something that can be given to us it must be nurtured and grown as an inner wisdom and knowing. In this talk one of Ireland’s most respected Meditation & Mindfulness Teachers, John Doherty will create an environment for this inner wisdom to be grown and developed. Participants can find new insights, meaning and energy from old stories about their life This will  lead to a deeper appreciation of themselves and the other characters that have helped shape those stories. When we can celebrate our story and learn to hold it lightly we have achieved a high degree of enlightenment and freedom.

“Really enjoyed tonight. It was relevant to issues i have at the moment and was great to be in the company of such warm and positive people! Thank you  Jenny, Eoin and John”

I am still feeling very still and peaceful after John’s wonderful talk.  Great to meet so many lovely new positive people.


Eckhart Tolle The Power of Now 5 Day Residential at Chrysalis

A mostly silent retreat exploring & experiencing the work of Eckhart Tolle, based on his bestselling guides to spiritual enlightenment. Authentic human power is found by surrendering to the Now & letting go of the thinking mind. It is here we find our joy, are able to embrace our true selves and discover that we are already complete & perfect. Afternoons free for reflection, integration and rest. Retreat includes powerful practices for inner peace & change; input on ego/role-playing/ the Pain Body; reflection journalling; guided meditations; deep relaxation & group sharing/discussion. A precious time together in a supportive environment to sow potent seeds for radical internal transformation and harmony. At Chrysalis Summer Programme, The Ardenode, Country House Hotel, Ballymore Eustace, Co Kildare.



Authentic Leadership & Facilitation Skills Weekend at Chrysalis

This course is designed to support and provide training for those in leadership or who work with group dynamics. John’s skills and training in mindfulness practices will encourage authenticity with self before engaging with others – adding power and satisfaction to the leadership mix. This weekend provides an overview of the behaviour and processes of management planning and decision making in groups.


(2012) National Association Pastoral Counselling & Psychotherapy.

Talk and Presentation – “Mindfulness an Inner Journey”

This talk by John Doherty will focus on the area of Mindfulness in a modern context.

 It will explore the area of ‘double attention’ as a practice to re-orient practioners and help them develop inner awareness,

free themselves from their mind based stories and shift their identity (sense of self) from the content of their story to the awareness of that content. John’s presentation style  is interactive, practical and comes from many years practicing  mindfulness, meditation and contemplation.


(2012 – ongoing) The Camino de Santiago Summer Pilgrimage

with John Doherty & Maria Jesus Lopez

Every year we are offering this pilgrimage walk on the last stage of the French way into Santiago de Compostela.

Walking on pilgrimage is a great way to nourish the soul and bring healing and resolution to one’s inner nature. Whether it’s for yourself or others our prayers and intentions are processed and offered up on this walk in the way thousands of Peregrinos have been doing for centuries. For more information on the pilgrimage click Santiago











(2011 – 2012) Greystones Stepping Stones to Spirituality- Lenten Series, St Patrick’s Church.

The Series explores avenues to spirituality across various domains. This can help those suffering from an illness and seeking fresh approaches to dealing with life – with all its complexities.

 The Body As a Temple for the Holy Spirit 

 John Doherty, Meditation Teacher, looks inward to reach God

“Thank you again for leading the first of our Lent series talks.  We got great feedback from the evening”

See St Patrick’s Church or Facebook


(2011 – present day) Simon Community Detox & Rehab Centre

Reminiscence, Mindfulness & Meditation

“Our aim is to provide a safe, supportive, medically assisted detoxification programme to allow individuals to address their addictions, primarily alcohol, so as to move out of homelessness”

For further details see Dublin Simon Rehab Services

John has been doing mindfulness with Simon every Thursday afternoon where he facilitates a group for mindfulness, meditation and awareness development work in the area of addiction recovery.


(2008) Presentation Sisters

Horizons Renewal Program

Nano Nagle founded the Institute of the Charitable Instruction of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, on Christmas Eve, 1775, in Cork, Ireland. This foundation was the fruit of more than twenty years of loving service to the poor of that city where she had founded her first school as a lay woman, in 1754. Today Nano Nagle is regarded as one of the great pioneers of Catholic Education and the Sisters continue her work all over the world.

Click on the link for details of my work with the Sisters: Horizon Renewal Program


(2007) Conference at AISGA All Ireland Spiritual Guidance Association

‘The Wise Holy Fool’ presented by John Doherty and supported by Dr. Jack Finnegan and Dr. Una Agnew

A group of experienced spiritual directors met in October 2001 at the Milltown Institute in a response to a perceived need of many practitioners in the area of spiritual guidance to form a representative group. They agreed on the need for an ecumenical, broadly-based organisation to offer support to the practitioners of spiritual guidance, akin to that enjoyed by counsellors. See AISGA for more details  and also the Conference link.

John Doherty gave a memorable conference at AISGA on the topic of “The Wise Holy Fool” looking at the life of Jesus through the lens of  Carl Jung and the Inner Spiritual Journey of Mystics today. The conference was supported by Dr. Jack Finnegan an expert on all things Spiritual and Dr. Una Agnew with the images and poetry of Patrick Kavanagh.


(2010)  Eucharistic Ministers, Blackrock Hospice, Dublin

Day of reflection

Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services has two truly special facilities, Harold’s Cross and Blackrock Hospice, where specialist care is provided for people with a range of needs from rehabilitation to end of life care. See Blackrock Hospice

One of  John’s specialties lies in working with carers and front line staff. To this end he has worked with Staff in the Hospice in the areas of Self Care, Work life Balance and Mindfulness.


2008 – present All Hallows The Art of Stillness (12 Week program, Summer School, Easter ALBA Module)

The All Hallows College School of Adult and Community Learning covers a wide range of accredited and

non-accredited programs for those seeking either personal or professional development. For further details click All Hallows

John teaches his Art of Stillness Classes in All Hallows College and also holds a week long  Summer School in Spirituality each year.


Milltown Institute – The Art of Stillness. The Artists Way, Spirituality Summer School, Adult Ed Spiritual Diploma

This is a third level College for the study of Theology, Philosophy and Spirituality.  It is one of the premier centres for the study of these disciplines in Ireland and it attracts an international group of students from many different countries.

The Milltown Institute incorporates both a Recognised College of the National University of Ireland (NUI) and an Ecclesiastical Faculty. For more information see Milltown Institute

John has taught classes in Milltown for many years including The Art of Stillness, The Artists Way and A Spirituality Summer School.


(2006 – present ) Suaimhneas Retreat Centre, Emo Co. Laois

Courses & Workshops

Suaimhneas is place of simple beauty, a place of quiet away from the busy world. On arrival, you are greeted by the friendly wagging tails of our two dogs, Robbie and Curlie, and the aroma of home cooking from the kitchen. Suaimhneas has emerged through the vision and creative energy of Anne and Mai who are both members of the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary.

John has worked at Suaimhneas with Anne and Mai for some years now. He created the Labyrinth that is part of the heaing gardens there. John has also presented his  course The Art of Stillness for the last two years at Suaimhneas. For more information on the courses, alternative therapies, counselling and workshops at Suaimhneas click here


(2008 – Present) Courses at the The Sanctuary in Stanhope Street

The Sanctuary is an oasis in the heart of Dublin city, and a
very special place. A mindfulness and meditation centre, it is an ideal setting
for an interlude from the busyness of life. Its beautiful gardens and peaceful
inner spaces hold a place of rest and calm for mind, body and spirit. See The Sanctuary

John holds classes on the work of Eckhart Tolle “The Power of Now” and “A New Earth” regularly at the Sanctuary.


(2004 – Present) Courses at Chrysalis Centre – Current member of Management Board

Chrysalis is a Holistic Centre with charitable status in West Wicklow specialising in residential courses in many aspects of well-being,  personal growth and spiritual development.

See Chrysalis for more details.

John is on the Board of Chrysalis and has worked with Chrysalis for many years teaching and facilitating Meditation and Stillness.

John has taught for many years at Chrysalis and is currently on the Management Board


(2007 – present) Courses at Emmaus Retreat Centre

Emmaus Retreat & Conference Centre welcomes people who wish to take time out to find meaning in their lives through the adventure of the spiritual search. This is facilitated through various forms of dialogue, experiential programmes, workshops, conferences and retreats. See Emmaus for further details.

John holds classes on the work of Eckhart Tolle “The Power of Now” and a “New Earth” at the Emmaus Centre.


2006 – 2007 Meditation Courses at The Loreto Centre for Adult Education

The Loreto Centre in Crumlin (originally the Loreto Convent) was established in January 1998 to meet the needs of people in the local community, especially women, through the provision of opportunities for human growth and community development.

See Loreto for details.

John offered Meditation Courses at the Loreto Centre for Adult Education.


2007 – present Parents Association of Blackrock College

John has guided parent groups in meditation, and in particular awareness around the development of young men, their trials and tribulations and what to be aware of as teenagers.