New Year’s Eve Retreat

Our New Year’s Eve retreat will take place this year from Wednesday 30th December 2020 until Friday 1st January 2021. 

Due to Covid restrictions we will replace the wonderful venue of Mount Saint Anne’s retreat centre with our own home or office space and connect together using Zoom.

There will be two options:

  1. A three day retreat that includes the ceremony on New Year’s Eve
    1. Cost €120 
  2. The Ceremony only on New Year’s Eve
    1. Cost €20

The retreat starts on Zoom at 11am (Irish time) on Wednesday 30th and includes mindfulness practices, presencing exercises and preparation of letting go of 2020 and welcoming in a new energy and vision for 2021.


Day Time Details
Wednesday 30th 11am – 1pm Intro  & Mindfulness
Wednesday 30th 7pm – 9pm Letting go
Thursday 31st 11am – 1pm Mindfulness
Thursday 31st 7pm – 9pm Visioning
Thursday 31st 11pm Ritual & Ceremony
Friday 1st Jan 10am – 1pm Integration & Mindfulness


The retreat will be facilitated by John F. Doherty and he will be joined by his wife Maria Jesus Lopez, his Viking friends from Iceland Jon and Uni with Special guest Michael Ryan for the ritual and Ceremony on New Year’s Eve.

To reserve your place please fill in the registration form below and send your payment on the Paypal Link.





New Years Eve Retreat Registration