Mindfulness Mysticism Course - John F. Doherty

Mindfulness Mysticism Course

Based on the Upcoming Book: “Mindfulness Mystic”

6 Thursday Evenings starting 10th June 2021

7pm – 8.30pm GMT

Investment: €140

Description: This 6 week program is designed to introduce participants to experience mysticism through various mindfulness practices.

Each evening we will have a theme to explore what is mindfulness and mysticism, followed by a practice and then some reflection on that practice and a sharing of the learning

Themes will be around:

❤ Developing stability of mind, emotion and body

❤ Connecting to our “Ground of Being”

❤ Becoming the Observer self or Awareness of self

❤ Learning to sense our body as energy or aliveness

❤ Types of love – loving kindness – connecting to Universal Love

❤ Invoking a space for an indwelling Divine

❤ Opening doorways of the Soul

❤ Connecting to the Energy and Illumination of Higher Love

❤ Listening and Cultivating states of Insight and Wisdom

❤ and More!

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Blessings, John


PAYPAL: https://paypal.me/DohertyJohn

Mindfulness Mysticism Course

Mindfulness Mysticism Course