Practising the Power of Now - John F. Doherty

Practising the Power of Now

Practising The Power of Now & Mindfulness for Christmas

Dates: Monday 21st December 10am – 1pm (gmt) &

Tuesday 22nd December 10am – 1pm (gmt)

Investment: €80

Description: From the comfort and safety of your own home or office this is a 2 day program focusing on “Practising the Power of Now”. Based on the work of Eckhart Tolle it offers participants, the tools, meditations and reflection skills to centre, ground and develop deep resilience, connection and self-care in preparation for Christmas. The program is on Zoom and runs for 3 hours each day with a tea / coffee break. Christmas can often be a difficult time with the stress of family, relationships and historical associations. Why not prepare yourself this year with some inner strength? Develop anchor points to come back to if feeling stress or anxiety and build an inner environment that supports you through this holiday season!

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Blessings, John



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