The Art of Deep Stillness

Deep Stillness follows on from The Art of Stillness and provides a similar context to deepen and explore the skills of mindfulness, meditation and contemplation.

Its main emphasis is to develop a “Ground of Being” in the MB inter-ST tradition (Mindfulness Based inter-Spiritual Training).

This “Ground of Being” is rooted in the Inner-Self as an anchoring of Identity to both the Transcendent and Immanent aspects of Oneness and Humanity.

The questions asked is “Can I embody Oneness while also honouring my unique Humanness?”

And “What are the obstacles to this process?”

Deep stillness seeks to help people through their meditation practice to development and integrate this awareness.

Topics Covered:

  • Understand the concepts of mindfulness, meditation and contemplation
  • Understand and learn how the inner journey works
  • Mindfulness as a Spiritual Awareness
  • Mindfulness connecting to Oneness / The Mystical Journey
  • The Power of Now, Anchoring our living in the Present and Presence
  • Integrating our stories and histories into the present
  • Looking at how we see the Sacred
  • Listening / Contemplative Prayer
  • Living a contemplative life, a monastery without walls
  • Understand the deeper movements of shadow and soul in the inner self / Working with resistance
  • Journeys into emptiness
  • Review and summarise the material, learning, reflections

Recommended Reading:

  1. ‘A  New Earth’ – Eckhart Tolle
  2.  ‘The Heart of Understanding’ – Thich Nhat Hanh
  3.  ‘The Other Side of Silence: A Guide to Christian Meditation’ –      Morton Kelsey
  4.  ‘Light Within: The Inner Path of Meditation’ – Laurence Freeman
  5.   ‘Full Catastrophe Living’   – Jon Kabat-Zinn
  6.  The Big Dummies Guide to Meditation – Stephen Bodian
  7.  ‘The Divine Indwelling Centering Prayer and Its Development’ – Thomas Keating
  8.  ‘Monastery  Without Walls’ – Bruce Davis
  9.  ‘My  Stroke of Insight’ – ill Bolte Taylor
  10.  ‘Divine Beauty’ – John O’Donoghue
  11.  ‘The Invitation’ – Oriah Mountain Dreamer
  12.  ‘Journeys  into Emptiness’ – Robert Jigen Gunn
  13.  ‘Essential Jung’ – Anthony Storr
  14.  ‘Healing through the Dark Emotions’ – Miriam Greenspan
  15.  ‘How to see yourself as you really are’ – Dali Lama
  16.  ‘Start where you are’ – Pema Chodron
  17.  ‘The Ancestral Self’ – Jim Cogley