The Art of Sacred Stillness

Mindfulness & Mysticism


Even if I don’t see it again

nor ever feel it I know it is

and that if once it hailed me it ever does

And so it is myself I want to turn in that direction not as towards a place,

but it was a tilting within myself,

as one turns a mirror to flash the light to where it isn’t

I was blinded like that

and swam in what shone at me

only able to endure it by being no one and so specifically myself I thought I’d die from being loved like that.

– Marie Howe



Feedback from previous Participants from The Art of Stillness

John is a wonderful facilitator. He has a great sense of fun, quite obviously is passionate about what he does and has the knowledge and experience to add weight to all of the above.”

“This course helped me look into my life and inspires spiritual growth.”

“Life-changing in many ways; I feel freer.”

“It gave me an awareness of how important it is to be still and quell the thoughts that are chattering in my head. I loved coming here for the two hours every week.”


This course is based on a six fold path of the Contemplative / Mystical Journey and combining it with Mindfulness practice.

At each stage we will use a practice of mindfulness with the thinking mind, heart (emotional mind) and Gut (behavioural mind) to process and develop awareness.

It is not necessary to have done the Art of Stillness  program in order to do this one although they are complementary to each other.

1. Inspiration, 2. Purification, 3. Illumination, 4. Dark Night, 5. Mystical Union, 6. The Return

We will explore each of these paths, as a group, and as individuals.  through sharing, mediation, mindfulness, journalling, teaching and reflection.

Each class will start with an emptying out practice and meditation, and then there will be reflective groups, Questions and Answers, teaching and tea break.

Step 1: Introduction to a six fold contemplative path

Step 2: Exploring the thinking mind, the heart and the gut as centres of awareness

Step 3: Developing Inspiration and applying it to the thinking mind, the heart and the our actions

Step 4: Engaging with Purification and applying it to the thinking mind, the heart and our actions

Step 5: Opening to  Illumination and applying it to the thinking mind, the heart and our actions

Step 6: Embracing the Dark Night and applying it to the thinking mind, the heart and our actions

Step 7: Connecting in Mystical Union and looking at how this affects the thinking mind, the heart and our actions

Step 8: Bringing new awareness back into everyday living

Step 9:  Pitfalls on the Journey

Step 10: Integration and Review


Bibliography for Mindfulness & Mysticism

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