The Art of Stillness

MB inter-ST (Mindfulness based inter-Spiritual Training) 

Module One – “The Art of Stillness”

This module is an introduction to mindfulness, meditation and contemplation using the MB inter-ST model of inter-Spiritual training.

It helps participants understand what mindfulness, meditation and contemplation represent, what they mean in practice terms, how they are similar, different and how they support each other, and how they can be used in everyday situations to enhance and support a more contemplative lifestyle.

It offers people the opportunity to understand mindfulness, meditation and contemplation as practices that can be done in a variety of contexts; secular, spiritual and religious for either personal or professional development.

Using a psychological lens it helps participants examine each practice to understand the ingredients that go into that practice and look at what impact if any the practice has on the development of a person in relationship to themselves, in relationship to society and in relationship to the Oneness of everything.

It is the first module of three modules in the MBinterST program the second one called “Deep Stillness” and the third “Sacred Stillness”.


Course Feedback

“I really enjoyed the interaction with the other members of the class in particular.” Claire

 “This course gave me practical ways to meditate, and find some peace in my life.” Paul

 “The whole setting was wonderful, inspiring and I really benefited from this course.” Marie

 “This course helped me look into my life and inspires spiritual growth.” Seamus

 “The anchoring, breathing and all the exercises were useful to my prayer life.” Susan

 “I loved the stillness and peace.” Amy

 “Having the support of the group really helped my own practice.” Jill

 “I enjoyed the walking meditation and the shared wisdom of the group.” Andrew

“The teaching on meditation was fantastic” Mary

Themes Covered:

  • Understand the concepts of mindfulness, meditation and contemplation
  • Understand and learn how the inner journey works
  • An introduction to mindfulness
  • Work with the thinking mind to recognise and name types of thoughts
  • Work with the heart and appreciate the interaction between love and loss
  • Work with the instincts in the gut and recognise when these are active
  • Appreciate and understand more formal meditation practices
  • Inner movements in meditation
  • Appreciate and understand the connection from body to head and heart of  formal meditation practices
  • Understand the deeper movements of shadow and soul on the inner journey
  • Connect to the energy behind form, stillness
  • Review and summarise the material, learning, reflections

Recommended Reading

‘Awareness’ – Anthony DeMello SJ

‘The Power of Now’ – Eckhart Tolle

‘The Naked Now, how the Mystic See’ – Richard Rohr

‘Stillness Speaks’  – Eckhart Tolle

‘Teach Yourself to Meditate’ – Eric Harrison

‘The Big Dummies Guide to Meditation’ – Stephen Bodian

‘Wherever You Go, There You Are’ – Jon Kabat-Zinn

‘Light Within: The Inner Path of Meditation’ – Laurence Freeman

‘Meditation for Dummies’ – Stephen Bodian